winter resurrection

although I’ve been dinging the twitter feed with updates I’ve been awful about posting to this page directly. anywho, we’ve been keep the polo alive this fall, with consistent turnout. despite a few sparse holiday olo attempts, we are back on today (Saturday) starting at 11 am. I piked up the largest squeegee I could find at mcguckins. that combined with Duncan’s pre-shoveling, we should be set for some sweet court action. it sounds like we already have full turnout on tap. bring your pony and the wallop!


fall has arrived

but summer is hanging on.

come get your polo on today. 1pm foothills community park. sounds like we’ll have good turnout!

321, polo!

fire down

after our brief stint on national news (and my east coast excursions) it’s time for boulder to get back on the hardcourt. don’t forget your polo warmup:

some denver folk are coming up, the least we could do is show.

sunday, 1pm, foothills community park.
see you there.

boulder polo: thursday

double header today with hardcourt starting at 4 and then grass starting at 6. foothills community park. bring a bike, some legs and a pair of lungs. you’ll need all three.

polo pron

polo fix

sometimes traveling for work has it’s perks. most of the time it just prevents me from playing polo (among other things). this weekend i’m back… way back.

so, come one, come all, to foothills community park tomorrow at 1pm. all you need is a bike and your killer instict.

see you on the courts!

back on today

1pm, foothills community park.

bring it.